Maccaferri Environmental Solution

For more than 130 years, Maccaferri has globally evolved as a total solution provider to wide range of civil and environmental engineering applications. We at Maccaferri, promote the best range of high quality solutions manufactured with, Double twist hexagonal shaped steel wire mesh, Geosynthetics, and Steel fibers for reinforced concrete or a composite solution. Maccaferri’s worldwide headquarters is located in Bologna, Italy, and we have on-the-ground local operations in over 100 countries - including 26 manufacturing facilities world-wide and over 2,000 employees.

Our challenge is moving towards a broader engineering arena, pursuing a vertical integration with involvement in every phase of the process, from design to material supply and execution. Our goal is to become a leading international provider for advanced solutions for the civil engineering and construction market: this is the way for Engineering a better solution…our mission.

Maccaferri: Engineering a better solution